Barbara Jordan Media Awards Winners

Barbara Jordan Media Awards winners

Individual Special Contribution:
Horse Boy (Film)
Rupert Isaacson and Michael Orion Scott
Elgin, TX
The Horse Boy does more than chronicle Rowan and his parents’ journey across the vast, wild landscape of Mongolia. It delves into the strange world of autism itself, the relationship between humans and animals and between different cultures and ways of being, and the nature of healing. But above all, The Horse Boy tells the story of a couple that goes to the end of the earth to find a way into their son’s life.
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Mineola Girl Faces Life with a Smile
Abby Eden, KETK-TV
Running is a passion some may not have expected from Ryanne Carr. This six and a half year-old was born in Kazakhstan with no legs and one arm, but almost immediately, she had an abundance of love. Ryanne’s family got involved with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, where they found out she’s quite the runner. Katrina [her mother] says, “She’s won eleven gold medals. She’s been running all over the country.”
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Organization Special Contribution:
Movin’ Mavs
UTA Media Relations
Kristin Sullivan, VP
Jim Patterson, editor
Lloyd Goodman, Student Publications
Arlington TX
[Note: This submission is a collection of various videos and print articles on the wheelchair basketball team] The Movin’ Mavs are preparing for the game against their rivals, The Dallas Mavericks, another wheel chair basketball team in the DFW Metroplex. UTA News got a closer look at how they are training and what the coach is using as a motivational tool to prepare them mentally for the game.
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Print Feature:
Modern Miracle
Ann Work, Wichita Falls Times Record News
Wichita Falls TX
A mom knows a miracle when she sees one, especially when it concerns her son. Two months ago, Vera Word penetrated the autistic world of her 15-year-old son, Jonathon, using — of all things — a cell phone. The device’s text messaging capabilities have opened up a new method of communication with her son that is working better than anything she’s tried before.
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Senior Triumphs Over Cancer
Ayana Cameron, Cy-Fair High School Reporter
Houston TX
Senior Brent Adams was only 17 months old when he was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis. With little known about the disease, and even less knowledge of its cure, it was clear that from the day he was born, Brent would be fighting for his life.
“The doctors already knew it would be hard for me.”
What the doctors couldn’t predict, however, was that Brent Adams would vigorously overcome these obstacles and exceed everyone’s expectations.
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TV Documentary:
Reaching Higher: Versie Returns to Work
David Ondich, City of Fort Worth
John Vaca, CCTV
Fort Worth
Versie Taylor, an employee of the City of Fort Worth, had an aneurysm burst that left her without the ability to walk, talk, read or write. This is a story about her journey back to work and how the City of Fort Worth helped her through the Return to Work Program.
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Reaching Higher from John Vacca III on Vimeo.

TV Feature:

The Rene Ayala Story
Alex Trevino, KRGV-TV
Rio Grande Valley (Alex now lives in D.C.)
Rene Ayala is an incredible man. He just keeps going. He has no arms, no legs, and no help – but he has children. Those children are his inspiration for life, his inspiration for overcoming all the negatives. In this story, we see how difficult it is for him to get inside his house, which has considerable storm damage. But, once in, he manages it all.
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TV Feature, Extended:
Brian’s Song
Matt Barrie/Noah Bullard, KXAS-TV
Fort Worth TX
Brian Spann is a freshman clarinet player who didn’t let his diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy stand in the way of his dream of being in the marching band.
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