• There is a growing bias against Social Security Disability applicants August 29, 2013
    This is a ridiculous and offensive article. The writer does not seem to have the ability to understand that individuals who are awarded disability benefits have gone through a horrendously long process. Also, their conditions tend to be chronic and unresponsive to a rehabilitative approach to treatment. When I read articles like this, I understand instantly […]
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  • TV station contacts me about investigating the rising cost of disability claims May 2, 2013
    Every once in a while, I get contacted by a newspaper or television person asking me to provide commentary on Social Security Disability. Frankly, I have no idea why...than the fact that they are simply looking to flesh out what is usually a story that amounts to little more than a hatchet job on the intentions and motivations of individuals who are seeking […]
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  • A lot of people, mainly conservative-leaning, simply have strong negative feelings about individual seeking disability benefits May 2, 2013
    Yesterday, I read a fairly ignorant, hostile, and, I will go so far to say "hateful" article/post about individuals seeking disability benefits. The worst thing about it, of course, was the "ignorance" factor. I haven't had a chance to respond to it, but, I was glad to find, Disability Attorney Anna Kysar has. Kysar writes "my c […]
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The Denton Mayor’s Committee is comprised of members from various disciplines including, but not limited to, representatives from City, County, University, State, Non-Profit Organizations, school districts and concerned citizens.   The following individuals are current members:

Brandi Darensbourg, Mayor’s Committee Chair

Lorrre Allen

Jamie Blanton

John Bramblitt

Cheylon Brown

Rebecca Cagle

Missy Dickerson

Phyllis Finely

Kay Goodman

Murphy Hardinger

Linda Holloway

Erlene Jackson

Becky Knight

Michael Penaluna

Joanne Nunnelly

Gordan Meredith

Barbara Ross

Yvonne Raffini

Deborah Robertson

Sandi Wiggins

If you have questions please contact Dr. Brandi Darensbourg at brandi.darensbourg@unt.edu.